Diurnal Birds of Prey
Diurnal Birds of Prey Diurnal Birds of Prey
Diurnal Birds of Prey

Aside from the vultures, these are among the most exciting birds to encounter. The Red-tailed Hawk (year-round) and Osprey (seasonal) are the most common in this part of New Jersey while the Cooper's Hawk and Sharp-shinned are the only two to have shown up in our yard. So far, I've had just one encounter with a Mississippi Kite flying high overhead and two encounters with an American Kestrel an hour apart. All the encounters with a Red-shouldered Hawk were in the space of a week.

IMHP8741TUVU1605CloseUp IMHP7324BLVU0303CloseUp IMHP5317BAEA2106FemOnTower
Turkey Vulture Black Vulture Bald Eagle
IMIP5081OSPR0800OnSnag IMIP5570MIKI0707HighOverhead IMHP9698SSHA1300AtopTree
Osprey Mississippi Kite Sharp-shinned Hawk
IMGP96840COHA0800OverShoulder IMGP70470NOHAs0800InFlight IMGP33841RedShoulderedHawkIF
Cooper’s Hawk Horthern Harrier Red-shouldered Hawk
IMHP6427RTHA2229OnLampPost IMGP98071PEFA0800Pondering IMIP0480AMKE0800OnWire
Red-tailed Hawk Peregrine Falcon American Kestrel
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