Wading Birds
Wading Birds Wading Birds
Wading Birds

The Great Blue Heron is here year-round and in quite impressive numbers so for quite a while those were the only wading birds I ever saw. I still remember vividly my first encounter with a Black-crowned Night Heron, and some years Green Herons are all over the place. 2014 was a particularly good year for waders with all the birds on this page being seen multiple times and most of them in a variety of places. The Yellow-crowned Night Heron was a lifer that year.

IMGP64035GBHE0704TakingOff IMGP45360LBHE1402InFlight IMGP41806TRHE1402InFlight
Great Blue Heron Little Blue Heron Tricolored Heron
IMGP37153GreatEgretIF IMGP39752SNEGInFlight IMGP45628BCNH0706Foraging
Great Egret Snowy Egret Black-crowned Night Heron
IMGP461579YCNH0706InFlightComp IMGP46323GRHE0406InFlight IMGP64932AMBI1605CrossingOpenSpace
Green Heron American Bittern
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
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