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I frequently stroll the streets of Wanamassa, NJ, with camera at the ready to take pictures of birds. Here are the results for 2006.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


You'd think that sparrows would be easy to photograph -- there's so many of them. But actually it's hard trying to get a really good shot. I've taken some sparrow pictures, this week, but none of them will knock your socks off:

That song sparrow was in a neighbor's front yard. It wasn't about to let me get very close.

While this song sparrow was on the feeder. I took this picture through the very long lens from the top of the front steps. I was hoping to be able to get another shot using my normal setup to compare the quality, but so far the birds have not cooperated.

This house sparrow shot was taken from the other side of the feeder, and the bird was moving its head, hence the slightly fuzzy look. Still, it shows what will be possible when the right moment arrives:

Finally, another song sparrow in another neighbor's front yard. This one was perched here for just a few seconds. I had to move quite quickly to get to a halfway decent angle; even then, I had to help this shot some after the fact in Photoshop:


Amy said...

I'm not a bird expert, but isn't this a female finch? I get sparrows & a ton of other birds at my feeders, and this bird is always w/ the male House Finch at the finch feeder... Maybe it's a different size then the ones I see-I'm just going be the freckled belly!

I was wondering if you knew what it looked like when sparrows mate. I have a video of a male & female sparrow in a tree, the female is on the branch & she's sticking her tail feather way up in the air & flapping her wings really fast & then the male flies up & presses his what would be private area against her butt- any idea what I saw?? My email address is amydeery@yahoo.com - thank you!

6:27 AM  

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